Is Immigration Reform Falling Apart?

What’s really going on with immigration reform?

Frankly, I feel there aren’t any straight answers coming from the Democratic side of the debate, while there is obvious honesty coming from Republicans. An interview with NPRs Goodman has Rep. Luis Gutierrez quite scattered on strategy, while Republicans have basically said, “No amnesty!”

After the Senate Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, gave Republicans the militarization of the border for an extra eight (8) votes to pass S.744, House Republicans are now pushing a “scaled-back” version that might include DREAMers, but nothing for anyone else in the form of citizenship. Just some sort of “legal status” that keeps people as a permanent underclass.

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez stated today that she would be willing to discuss that sort of Republican bill. And her Republican counterpart, Labrador, continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

Some House Republicans have suggested a path to legalization that would function like a work visa may be on the table. Republican Congressman Raul Labrador told Alex Wagner on Wednesday that he was confident a the House GOP approach would include “some sort of legal status,” which he believes should not “prevent anybody from becoming citizens, but would not necessarily give them citizenship status.”

Note to Democrats:  It helps when you have a public mouthpiece who actually fights for the path to citizenship.

In other news, President Obama had yet another meeting with Hispanic Caucus members. Feel free to use the hash-tag, #notanotherObamaimmigrationmeeting

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