Thoughts on Viernes…07122013

Ay Te Watcho, Janet!

Obama’s Secretary of Deportation  Homeland Security is headed to the UC System. ¿Que Dios les ayude? Anyway, here’s my post from November 20, 2008 when then Pres-Electo Obama named her to the post.

Not only that, I am beginning to wonder what direction Obama is headed on the issue.

Wow! I guess I was right, as my follow-up in February, 2009 showed.

recent NPR interview of Obama’s new Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano left me thinking that Obama’s administration will be known for doing nothing, other than sticking with the status quo on immigration: Continued round-ups and enforcement-only policies.

I still won’t say, “I told you so,” but immigration reform dying this slow death doesn’t help Republicans, but it certainly doesn’t help Dems, either.

As far as the new job goes, Professor Emeritus of History Rudy Acuña of Cal State Northridge posted on his Facebook:  “Good news for us, bad news for the University of California. An “Iron Chancellor” is the last thing it needs.”

The Republican War on Women, the Poor, Latinos/Blacks, Students, Elderly, the Sick, The Gays…Will Continue

Let’s face it, after Senator Wendy Davis and the Democrats talked the last abortion restriction bill to death in Session 1, we knew Rick Perry would call another session and there would be too much time to force it upon the Women of Texas. As Davis and others have mentioned at the rallies this week, this battle will be lost, but the war will be won, ultimately, by the Democrats. While there has been an awakening, on so many levels, the response must also come at those many levels, and especially those many issues on which Republicans base their political playbook. While there are groups trying to register more voters, that must come with political education.

I’m the first to say that, while I was very supportive of #SWTW, I was also disappointed that the many involved couldn’t find a balance on which to fight for other issues, such as immigration reform–even as messed up as it has been. If anything, it would seem that immigration reform got lost in the Democratic playbook somewhere–or got torn off completely from the Party Messaging chapter of the playbook. I certainly was able to find a balance, my Latina friends and family involved in both issues found that balance. So, yes, it is unfortunate, much like it was unfortunate when Democrats dropped immigration reform to replace it with a failed background check law for guns earlier this year.  I’ll stop my lecture, for now. But consider it a realization that if we are going to be competitive as Democrats in 2014 and beyond, we must fight on all fronts. The Republicans will always promote a “divide and conquer” strategy because of the diversity of these social issues, so, we must respond as a united front.

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