Thoughts on Viernes…07262013

Spread the Word:  LITE UP 

There are folks out there who are not able to afford electricity during these hot summer months, particularly families with small children and the elderly. There is a program available that provide assistance in paying electric bills, LITE UP. Spread the word!

Rick Perry’s Roads Will Suck Even More

Looks like some roads in South and West Texas will be turned to gravel (unpaved) because Rick Perry and the Republicans refuse to invest in state infrastructure. These roads have been destroyed by trucks hauling materials for all of the exploration going on down there, but they aren’t investing anything, either. The Trib identified at least four counties which will be affected, including the county of my youth, Zavala. Next time Rick Perry boasts about Texas, you have my permission to call bullshit!

A Reminder:  Saturday is Gus Garcia Day (Click to Enlarge)


MUSIC BREAK:  Ruben Ramos con Mariachi ~ Volver Volver (2013)

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