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VRA Lawsuit Against Harris County Maps Struck Down

Hot off the presses:

In a ruling filed Thursday, U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore said the lawyers for local Hispanic activists, who argued that the map illegally diluted Latino votes in the only Latino-opportunity county commissioner precinct, failed to prove the redistricting plan was unconstitutional or that race was the predominant factor in the design of the plan.

Well, I guess the answer to this is a real challenge to the Precinct 2 incumbent in 2014, huh?

GOP Latino Outreach #Fail – Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick is trying to score Republican Primary points by filing a sanctuary cities bill during Session 3, as he attempts to unseat The Dew. What will be the response from the Republican Party? From Little Brown One? From the Latina who wants to unseat Cornyn in the GOTea Primary? I’ll await their press releases. (yeah, right!)

Six Debates?

Usually, if one is self-funded and is within 100 days of election day, and one is trying to unseat a popular Mayor, one figures that one would have effectively expended some of that self-funded cash to gain some footing in the race. And when said footing-getting fails, one does what usually broke candidates do to incumbents–ask for debates. Needless to say, I would have suggested zero debates.

This is why I support public financing of campaigns and elections, but that’s a whole other story.

MUSIC BREAK:  Gary Hobbs ~ Preso (AMMX)

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