Everybody Wants Wendy!

Well, what started with a “credible sources” blog post earlier this week seems to have turned into a very well-orchestrated effort to draft State Senator Wendy Davis for Texas Governor.

Battleground Texas wants Wendy. The Texas Democratic Party wants Wendy. Annie’s List wants Wendy!   Even the local Dems want Wendy!

As a Democrat who has voted in every single Democratic Primary since I turned 18, I would like to nominate Wendy Davis as the Democratic nominee for Texas Governor by acclamation.

Do I hear a second?

And who else is running on the rest of the ballot? At some point, I’m going to come up with a Draft the DosCentavos Team online effort of sorts to fill the ballot if people do not announce soon.

For now, though…”Run Wendy Run!”

Kuff has more.

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