Is Ted Poe Really Changing His Mind on CIR?

The story about Ted Poe softening on immigrant hunting at the border has been out since April when Fox Latino put this article out.

“I’ve changed,” said Poe, who was first elected to Congress in 2004. “I used to think we had to do border security before we ever talk about other immigration issues. But we have to do them in tandem, because [otherwise] we’ll never get to those other issues. The border is really not secure because of the drug cartels.”

Now, Poe not only will discuss other immigration issues, but is going head-on against many of his fellow conservatives in his decision to support a path to legal status for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

The Chron put out an editorial praising him, too.

I co-wrote an op-ed in the Kingwood Observer the other day in which I challenge Poe to put his money where is mouth is and at the very least support S.744. Now, I’ve been quite adamant that S.744 is quite flawed and needs vast improvements on the Citizenship side of it, but the way Poe has been talking, it would seem S.744 is right up his alley.

Where does he really stand?

Recently, immigration reform group America’s Voice, released an infograph and list on the number of Republicans (24) who now support a path to citizenship, but Rep. Poe is not on it. So, did the Chron actually do its research?

While Boehner has stated that he will not allow a vote on S.744 on the floor of the House unless a majority of the Republicans support it, the reality is that if all of the House Democrats support S.744, only eighteen (18) Republicans would be needed to pass it. It looks like there’s even a little bit of a cushion for Dumbocrats who are too chicken to support it. Of course, that’s if you actually like S.744.

Some have asked me, “What’s up with Poe?” I’m not sure. If he’s changing his mind or re-prioritizing the border, ok, then! Is it political? Does he want to be the next VP or Senator? Who knows? I just felt the need to provide some perspective to what’s been in the news, lately.


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