We Have the Ballot Order for November [Houston]

Mike Morris at the Chron reports and provides a nifty summary on the drawing for the 2013 ballot order.

Some argue that if you’re placed at the top, that means a couple of extra percentage points, especially with folks who may be uninformed about ballot choices. The same guy says that being at the bottom of the list may not be as bad, too.

Mayor Parker will be the sixth spot on the Mayoral ballot. In At-Large 2, David Robinson will be first. In at-large 3, Roland Chavez can boast that he’s #2, but also that he’s the first non-perennial candidate on the ballot. District D, meanwhile, is a free-for-all. Check out the list to find your favorite candidate.

District I has the right-winger at the top of the ballot, but with only four candidates who are working their respective bases of support, I figure they’ll have a better informed electorate for this particular race.

I guess the most important thing about the 2013 election is to get informed! Pick your candidates early. And most of all, vote!

One response to “We Have the Ballot Order for November [Houston]

  1. Horwitz is the very last candidate on the ballot. I wonder how that will affect things.