Where Are We On Wage Theft?

My friend Texpate gave us an update from what appeared in the Chron on the latest regarding the proposed wage theft ordinance. Texpate seems to think that the ordinance is on life-support, even in its watered down state. Still, the Chron didn’t provide much information about others on Council who are against it, as Texpate reminded us.

I tried to get some more quotes out of Morris vis-a-vis specific stands by other Councilmembers, but was unsuccessful. That being said, I suspect that other right-wing Councilmembers assisted in piling onto this measure. These would include people like Jack Christie, Helena Brown and Oliver Pennington.

Unfortunately, my own Council Member Mike Laster seems to also be looking out for “business interests” while his own council district more than likely has the most workers in the city who would benefit from the ordinance. There’s no doubt the district has workers who are exploited.

As a constituent, I e-mailed my thoughts that he should support the ordinance back on July 22.

Councilmember Laster,

I write to request that you support the proposed wage-theft ordinance which will be considered by the Public Safety Commission on Tuesday. 

Wage-theft is nothing new, particularly when targeted at immigrant communities–the very type which reside in our District J. Whether it is small businesses, corporations, or even government contractors, there is a rampant scourge of wage-theft in our community. Organizations, such as Fe y Justicia Worker Center, work tirelessly every day to collect back pay on behalf of workers. A strong ordinance, such as that which is proposed, will go a long way at stopping businesses from taking advantage of workers. 

All workers and all families deserve a shot at prosperity in our wonderful city. I would appreciate it if you would join your colleagues who support the proposed Wage-Theft Ordinance. It is time to stand up to unscrupulous businesses for the good of our community.

Simple and to the point, right? Well, I’ll overlook the fact that I didn’t find a response in my inbox, but I will still hold out some hope that he will do the right thing and support the wage theft ordinance. Or, at least give a public, quotable answer as to why he does not support it.

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