Thoughts on Viernes…08302013

Texas:  Ben Hall is Wrong

I wrote a piece on Mayor Annise Parker’s education accomplishments this week where I also stated that Ben Hall the City of Houston cannot take over a local school district like Ben Hall says he wants to do. I also added that there are many, many more suburban school districts within our city limits than Ben Hall seems to think. Kuff cites Falkenberg who got a clearer picture of things from the Texas Education Agency and they say the City does not have statutory authority to take over a school district. But if Hall wants to tell the City-voting folks in Kingwood that he wants to take over Humble ISD, then by all means, he should tell them.

When it comes right down to it, if you want to change how schools are run, run for School Board. With some folks moving around or into town to run for office, they could have just moved to West Houston to run against Greg Meyers who ended up unopposed.

Texans Together:  Is The Dome More Important Than Education?

According to Kuff, the drums are now beating for the purpose of giving the Dome effort a heartbeat. Of course, among of the faces are old politicians. Fred Lewis from Texans Together, an early supporter of Early to Rise, attempts to provide folks some perspective:

It may sound cliché, but our kids are our future, not an arena.  Early education will yield much more economic growth and long-term benefits than a renovated Dome. Hundreds of thousands of kids will become more educated and productive members of our community, benefiting us all. I am not opposing the Dome, which I love, but what does support for the Dome and opposition to early education say about our values?

I can answer the question:  It would seem that the priorities of those who hold power locally are completely screwed up. Unfortunately, this is nothing new.

SA’s Bigots Have a Hero

San Antonio’s City Council held a long public comment gathering sessions, and boy, did the bigots come out for this one. Just how dumb are some of these bigots?

During her turn at the mic, Janice Flowers said that if the ordinance passes, men would flock to San Antonio to parade in the streets. The pastor’s wife showed photos of men in gay pride parades she called “X-rated.”

Well, if a member of City Council (Elise Chan) can say idiotic things, I guess folks in SA can, too.

Labor Day Music Break ~ Little Joe – Viva Cesar Chavez

Have a great holiday weekend.

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