Houston Elections: A Great Guide for Hardcore Dems

The good folks at Harris County Democratic Party have produced a cool guide where hardcore Dems can find out who has the better Democratic Primary voting record of candidates running for a city hall post. Of course, if they voted in the other side, they get the dreaded “R,” and if there is no record of one voting in either primary, they get an N/A. The neat thing about the list is that it also includes a cool mini-banner on anyone’s photo who is a sustaining member of the party.

A few of my associates who are hardcore “Ds” have told me they are more bothered by the N/As than folks who voted in the R side. At least they bother to show up, instead of just spouting the rhetoric and not being a part of the Party process. Of course, one has to remember that those who voted in the “R” side probably voted for that awful platform of theirs.

Just some virtual tacos for thought.

The bottom line (still) is that these are nonpartisan races. I’ve had to admit in the podcast that I was forced to pick the lesser of two evils in a District E race a few races ago, and it’s safe to admit that our 3-D Mayor has support across the spectrum given the press conference which called out Ben Hall’s abilities the other day. Heck, it’s even safe to admit that some of us have supported Stephen Costello, the 3-R in At-Large 1 (me, once for term 2). In my case, it didn’t make me a Republican, it just means I voted for a Republican and not the republinut in a particular race.

Ultimately, voters (that’s you) should be paying attention to the issues. Are your potholes being filled? Is your trash being picked up? Is your neighborhood being ignored, but another one in your district is getting all the TLC? Or if the issues are city-wide, is your member or candidate willing to support the Wage Theft Ordinance that is currently under consideration at city hall? It is your responsibility to be engaged, and then keep your elected officials accountable.

But if you want to be a hardcore “D” voter, then this guide is helpful.

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