Thoughts on Viernes…09062013

The Syria Thing…

So, did we forget about immigration reform?

Until America makes some major foreign policy changes, it is hard to support any drum beat toward war a limited air strike engagement war.

Money, Money, Money

Kuff catches us up on County campaign money as some of us are already working on 2014. Some of those Rs look a little disappointing and vulnerable, although I’m sure it will be easy for an incumbent to simply pick up the phone and beg the usual folks for a few bucks. Frankly, I think Dems can run some good races, but we do need a little help at the top of the ballot.

Spanish Language TV

PDiddie has a good post on Greg Abbott’s recent forays into Latino TV and trying to gain some Latino ground out of being married to a Latina. There’s no doubt that some Spanish language ad buys are important, as well as making the rounds on the talking cabezas.

The problem with Spanish-language TV is that there are few options when it comes to news shows or talk shows that do a little more than scratch the surface when it comes to politics and policies that affect or benefit Latinos. So, fluff like what Gregg Abbott offers is easy to sell.  Where folks usually have gained ground is through interviews with people like Jorge Ramos, or on the radio with El Piolin as Obama did a few times. In other words, you need to really mass communicate to reach the folks you want, and at times, you will take a skewering no matter what side you are on. But one thing is for sure, you really don’t need to come out dancing on Sabado Gigante, but, then again, Bill Clinton did pretty well with his sax back in the 90s on American late nite shows.

That said, Dems need to start working on earning some TV time to talk about what matters. We need to be a fixture from here on out, and not just during the last days before election day.

Music Break ~ Joe Posada – Soy Lo Peor – From “In The Pocket”

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  2. Ha. Greg Abbott dancing on Sabado Gigante.