Gov. Martin O’Malley is Coming to Texas

That’s right, while Rick Perry is headed to Maryland to spout off lies about the so-called “Texas miracle,” it’s a good time to announce that Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland will be in Texas on Saturday, October 26 to give the keynote address at the Harris County Democratic Party’s Johnson Rayburn Richards Governor’s Gala.

“Governor O’Malley represents the type of results-oriented leadership that we need in Texas. He’s gotten results in the toughest of times – Maryland ranks #1 in public schools, #1 in holding down the cost of college tuition, and #1 in innovation and entrepreneurship. Texas Republicans could learn a thing or two about leadership from him, so we’re privileged to have him as our keynote speaker next month,” said Lane Lewis, Harris County Democratic Party Chair.

The J-R-R is the premier event of the political season bringing together a crowd as diverse as, well, as diverse as the Democratic Party.

A little bit on O’Malley:

Martin O’Malley is serving the people of Maryland in his second term as Governor. Since 2007, his Administration has been delivering results for Maryland families by choosing to do the things that work to create jobs, expand opportunity, and make Maryland a safer, healthier place.

A former Governing Magazine “Public Official of the Year,” Governor O’Malley was re-elected in 2010. His 2013 legislative successes were described in a Baltimore Sun editorial as “without many parallels in recent Maryland history.”

With a balanced approach of spending cuts, regulatory reform, and modern investment in education, innovation, and infrastructure, Governor O’Malley and his Administration are making better choices that are delivering better results, including:

  • The fastest rate of job growth in the region.
  • The #1 ranking for best public schools in America for an unprecedented five years in a row. (Education Week)
  • The #1 ranking for holding down the cost of college tuition. (College Board)
  • The #1 ranking for innovation and entrepreneurship for two years running. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Under the Governor’s leadership, Maryland ranks #1 nationally in median income, #1 in PHD scientists and researchers per capita, #1 in Research and Development, and #1 in businesses owned by women. The Milken Institute ranks Maryland as one of the top 2 states in America for science and technology.

And why would they want to send jobs to Rick Perry’s Texas? As the Maryland House Speaker stated about Perry’s attempts at job poaching:

“It’s equally ironic that it’s coming from someone who, when he ran for president, couldn’t even identify the three government agencies he’d like to eliminate,” Busch said. “Maybe he’s coming here to take some of our remedial higher education classes. We’d be happy to offer him our affordable higher education prices.”

So, let’s support the Harris Democrats. Get your tickets to the J-R-R!

The money that is raised will help us elect good leaders who will build a government as good as Maryland’s!



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