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Re-Cap of DC-Supported Events


Julia Maldonado held a fundraising reception on Thursday at Gloria’s Midtown and announced she would be seeking the Democratic nomination for the 246th Family District Court. Julia was the 2012 candidate for a court of appeals seat running in a 10-county area. Although she earned 47% of the vote, she received almost 12,000 more votes than her opponent in Harris County. Maldonado has already been making the rounds in the run-up to the announcement, which was well-attended and very energetic. There’s no doubt that she is the kind of candidate who will put in the work during the next 14 months.

District D candidate Christina Sanders also had a meet & greet at The Flat on Tuesday which was attended by young professionals. She is quite impressive and energetic. She really drove home the need to support truly small businesses–the mom and pop, single owner type of businesses and online businesses; as well as the need to increase after school programs.

An NDO for Houston?

After San Antonio passed their nondiscrimination ordinance, there is a definite loud buzz about attempting the same here in Houston.

“It is absolutely something we should do, and the majority of council members have publicly stated they are in support of a nondiscrimination ordinance,” said Parker, the first openly gay mayor of a major American city. “But this is an issue that requires all of council to be engaged and agree it is time to move it forward. When it happens, we will do that.”

Her opponent Ben Hall did not comment on the matter, which resonates pretty loudly, considering one of his supporters, CO Bradford, seems to be open to it. Obviously, it will need a big push from the people, and more than ever, a call for unity is needed. Whether some agree with this statement or not, it is the next big civil rights issue and there are plenty of constituencies here that can should work together.

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