Thoughts on Viernes…09202013

It’s Been A Tough Week

Elections Matter! With every messed up policy rammed through by Republicans, that whole mantra is getting tired–or, at least I’m tired of saying it. It can be said that Republicans are to blame, hell, but when have they ever been nice? I see a few memes put up by liberals of Republicans long gone and dead seeming sweet and caring about some groups, but the bottom line is that as a group, they have never been nice to the poor, the elderly, students, minorities, women, etc.

As a kid who benefited from the food stamp program (not to mention free cheese) because my father became disabled at a young age, I can honestly say that I’m angered. And, no, not your “how can they do this?” liberal anger. For me, I’ll just turn it into something positive, like helping good people get elected. As always.

What will you do?

Tom DeLay

Well, he got his brand of justice; no surprise there.

Weekly Video ~ Pete Gallego Attempts to Save SNAP



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