Thoughts on Viernes…10042013 (Early Edition)


Yes! The day we’ve been waiting for has come. Wendy Davis is running to be the next Governor of Texas. And by the looks of the negative messaging the hate-filled Republicans, including vendido right-winger George P., have been sending out, they’re scared. Perhaps all the attention toward Davis will mean rational independents and moderates might want to hear more substantive stuff about Wendy Davis. There will be more to come.

Well, if you want a Latino perspective on Wendy, give Rey Guerra and me a listen on our most recent podcast. While the little brown one will want to instill fear in Latinos (that’s the only reason the Republicans are using him), rational Latinos like Rey and I will discuss the real issues that vendidos avoid. You can even cheat a little and find our discussion at the 14:10 mark.

I think we may start using the tag-line, “Vendido-Free Radio.” What do you think, Rey? Anyway, as far as this blogger is concerned, I’m looking forward to voting for a female gubernatorial candidate for the 2nd time in my lifetime.

It’s Van de Putte’s Turn to Announce

Oh, the pressure! But I sure do hope Senator Leticia Van de Putte announces for Lt. Governor. A strong Latina candidate at the top of the state ticket is what is needed to carry the Democratic message across Texas. We have a set of the state’s top hate-filled, right-wing yahoos running for the seat in the other primary, and Senator Van de Putte would offer a calm, rational, positive alternative to any of those guys that is about bring people together. This isn’t and shouldn’t be about any historical firsts, this should be about fielding the best, hard-working candidates who want to earn it. And Van de Putte is one of those kind of candidates.

Glaser Gets Chron Nod for HCC

While I see a lot of stuff online about HCC District I’s Capo vs Hoffman race, I’m glad to finally hear some stuff about my own District V. The Chron endorsed Robert Glaser for the post. I’m voting for Robert Glaser.

Music Break – Los Texmaniacs ~ Marina, Marina (LIVE in Washington, DC)

4 responses to “Thoughts on Viernes…10042013 (Early Edition)

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  2. I appreciate what you two vatos are doing on the radio. Dems are going to need a lot more like it, all over the state.

  3. I have known Robert Glaser for over 30 years and he has the smarts, tenacity, and the willingness to do the right thing for the students of HCCS and the taxpayers…..Whoa, how rare is that at HCCS?