The People Call Out For Immigration Reform

While Congress and the White House continue at an impasse, people across America marched in support of immigration reform. Calling for dignity and respect for immigrants, marchers sent a message to Washington, DC that the gridlock stop, that immigration reform be made a priority once again, and that the deporations by the Obama administration stop.

Here in Houston, I was glad to see the march was supported by Houston Mayor Annise Parker. With a chant of “Si Se Puede!”, the march began at City Hall to the Mickey Leland Federal Building a mile or so down the street.

From what I hear, a not so large crowd was expected, but it grew to one which was diverse and driven to make change happen.

Other cities, such as New York, San Antonio, Minneapolis, San Jose, among others, held similar rallies and marches. In all over 130 events were held across the country on October 5. Thousands are expected in Washington, DC this week for a larger unified visit to Congress.

All of this occurs as deportation numbers reach 2 million during the tenure of President Barack Obama. House Democrats have submitted their own immigration bill, which is similar to S.744,  but with a major change to note.

The Democrats’ plan amends the comprehensive bill approved by the Senate in June by striking a controversial border security measure that would add 700 hundred of miles of fencing and 20,000 border control agents along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bill does include benchmarks which some still consider unattainable and will be cause for further debate. There’s little doubt of such a bill going down in flames, but at the very least could spark up a debate.

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