The Latest City Campaign Money Reports Are Up!

There weren’t any surprises in the campaign finance reports, which were due yesterday. Mayor Annise Parker out-raised all of her opponents, while Ben Hall out-loaned all of his opponents.

Mayor Parker raised a little over $755K, spent $2.18M and has heads into the final month of campaigning with $1.193M. Hall, on the other hand, raised less than $200K for his SPAC, spent $1.3M, and had a little less than $263K in the bank. The big number on his report is the amount he’s loaned his SPAC–$1.8M. The Hall candidate account spent $190K, but it seems that’s just money he donated to the PAC.

There are other reports that I’ve looked at, but I’ll be updating this post throughout the day as I give them a deeper look. At-Large 3 did see a lot of activity, as well as District I.

As some say, money doesn’t win you elections, but it helps.

District I:  Graci Garces outraised all of her District I opponents, but as we move into the last month before election day (and a couple of weeks before early voting begins), cash on hand and what has currently been invested is important. Robert Gallegos has a little over $11K after spending $7K; Garces a little over $7400 after spending $30K; Mendez reports over $17K after spending  almost $26k; and Ablaza over $20K after spending $20K. From the looks of it, Gallegos is running things more from the grassroots than the rest seeing as how he doesn’t report much in consulting and staff expenses. That’s what was most noticeable, at least for me.

Kuff has more. Greg has stuff, too, on AL-3. Me, I got tired of looking at boring reports.

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