Thoughts on Viernes…10182013

A Week Off…

Apologies for taking a week off. DC had a bit of a stressful period with my Mom spending a few days in the hospital. Thankfully, the Ted Cruz Folly, also known as the Gum’mint Shutdown, didn’t affect Mom’s Medicare. Mom is doing better and is home, thanks. One thing is for sure, though, stress affects everything, including my blogging. But I’ll try to catch-up with the latest stuff, especially some thoughts from this week’s happenings.


I’ve been asked if I’ll be making endorsements in the City of Houston elections. My usual response, “How much you got?”, was not considered funny, I guess. What? I’ve seen the finance reports.

I’ve been pretty clear about my support of Mayor Annise Parker, Controller Ronald Green, and even my friend in District D, Christina Sanders. I previously endorsed Mike Laster for my own District J, but he could get a gold star next to his name if he supports the Wage Theft Ordinance. Yes, Mike is unopposed, but still.

As far as some of the at-large races, I’m still undecided in At-Large 3, although I have supported Jenifer Rene Pool in previous races. I did get to meet Roland Chavez the other day, and he seemed like a nice guy who knows his stuff. So, I guess that tells you where I’m sorta stuck. At-Large 5 is a no-brainer for me, and yes, that would be James Horwitz.

In other races, I’ve made my choice for HISD-7 with Anne Sung. HCC-5’s Robert Glaser is also the obvious choice.

Kuff has some predictions and thoughts, as does PDiddie.

A Sane Candidate for AG?

What the Republicans have been offering for Attorney General has been just plain scary. I won’t bother rehashing the hate, but at least the Democrats may have a sane response in Sam Houston. Houston earned 46% of the vote in an ’08 race for Supreme Court, so, perhaps he can seal the deal in ’14.

I’m still waiting for something from LVDP for LTGov. I hope we get an announcement (not a decision) soon.

Music Break ~ Joel Guzman/Sarah Fox – Al Cortar Una Gardenia (Live)

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  1. Oops. Yeah, I’ll put out a more official looking list tomorrow.

  2. so is this an endorsement of Horwitz in AL5?