DC Endorses…

First thing’s first. You will need a photo ID to vote. Early voting starts (PDF of locations) today, October 21 and ends November 1. Election Day is November 5.

Basically, this is just a list of those whose names I will click one of these days. I won’t go all “Chron” on you by writing down my reasons because I always wonder if I will have to un-endorse an endorsed candidate. Seriously, though, I do make these DosCentavos nods without any reservation, unless otherwise noted.

Mayor – Annise Parker

Controller – Ronald Green

At-Large 1 – Stephen Costello

At-Large 2 – David Robinson

At-Large 3 – Jenifer Rene Pool

At-Large 4 – C.O. Bradford

At-Large 5 – James Horwitz

District J – Mike Laster

Houston ISD District 7 – Anne Sung

Houston Community College District 5 – Robert Glaser

District D – Christina Sanders (I do not reside in District D, but I consider her an energetic, forward-thinking individual who would serve this district well.)

District I – Another district in which I do not reside. There are three good candidates out of four in this one. Robert Gallegos, Ben Mendez, and Graci Garces offer some good skills which I wish could be made into a hybrid candidate. That said, folks should vote for one of these three. It will be all about turn-out in this one and a run-off is expected.

I am still undecided on the Harris County measures, and I’ll do some more reading of the Texas constitutional amendments this week.

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