Thoughts on Viernes…10252013

Best Mail Piece Goes To…

…the Annise Parker Campaign. My sister received a direct mail piece from the Mayor’s campaign which was quite personalized. It was basically a voter’s checklist of what to do, where to go, where to search for information, etc. The coolest part was the personalization, though–name and address were matched up the  neighborhood early voting location. I’m sure it took a nice investment of funds, too. But that’s what it takes to inform voters. Kudos to the campaign.

Donde Estan Los Browns?

Looking at the numbers at Ripley, HCCS, and Holy Name Church, all early voting locations serving predominantly Latino neighborhoods, it seems turnout is a bit weak. ¿Que onda? Hopefully, it’ll hop-up this weekend. Considering District I has a highly contested race, I would hope people wake up. Like I said, there are three out of four candidates who are good. Get two of those three good ones into the run-off and District I will have a good steward no matter the result. ¡Voten, gente!

Y Las Mujeres?

There’s been a lot of worried talk about what many Texas women may be going through during this first Voter ID-needed election. What we don’t need is to cause any panic. We know how bad Voter photo ID is, but it’s the law, and we need to keep folks informed about their rights as they currently stand. We need to remind folks about the process and options available to them. The bottom line is that we cannot be turning off our own people who may want to vote by being negative nellys. The bottom line is MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT LEAVE A POLLING LOCATION WITHOUT VOTING. VOTE! Even if it’s provisional. You can/will find a solution to any problem if one exists. JUST VOTE!

MUSIC BREAK – Johnny Hernandez and Vick “Nash” Espinoza Live Medley at Doneraki’s-Gulfgate





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