Hall For Hall


So, Ben Hall pulled an Elise Chan (SA’s anti-gay ex-councilmember) and stated he would be against a non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Houston. Anyone who’s surprised he would pull the anti-GLBT card to appease the GOP, stand on your head.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. At all. And my friend Kuff, too, who has links to the KUHF interview and other stuff. What is disturbing is that Ben Hall would lie to Democrats about supporting an NDO and then attempt to appease Republicans by saying otherwise. Of course, I’d like to know what organizations and unions that endorsed Hall feel about that, too.

Things aren’t going well for the multi-million dollar candidate, so, he’s taken mostly right-wing stances on issues during early voting. He doesn’t seem to believe in paying his fair share; he doesn’t believe in fair rules for businesses and corporations; and now, he doesn’t seem to believe in basic civil rights. He really is Hall for Hall.

Texpatriot, Texas Leftist, and Coby have more.

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