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Rep. Walle’s Redistricting Op-Ed

Rep. Armando Walle does a great job on this op-ed regarding single-member districts. Lone Star College System recently decided to forgo costly litigation and simply go along with the demographic changes that are fast coming to the district. On top of that, as expansive as the district is, geographic diversity is achieved.

Hall for Hall Ad

So, is it me, or is Ben Hall sending a subtle message on his stance on marriage equality in that new “I never take my wife anywhere” ad? Anyway, that was my take at first, second, and 20th glances of the vid.

Speaking of Anti-LGBT Ben Hall…

A group of Harris County Democratic precinct chairs sent Hall a letter asking him to clarify his feelings toward the GBLT community. After answering a questionnaire with one answer, he gave the complete opposite answer on a radio show this week. What gives, Hall?

As elected officers of the Democratic Party, we are calling on you, on behalf of the Democrats we represent, to explain this contradiction of your two statements. What do you believe, Dr. Hall, and why did you lie to either us or the general public? If you told us the truth, why did you mislead the listening audience of KUHF? And if you lied to Democrats, how could we ever put our trust in you as a leader? And how can anyone? If you’d lied to us, Dr. Hall, why should anyone trust that you won’t lie to them?

Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the best civil rights quote ever:  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” At this point, he’s just acting like a right-wing Republican.

Music Break ~ Lucky Joe – Amor Escondido from Suerte (Freddie)

I always like finding new stuff that keeps La Onda going and growing. Here’s the debut video of Lucky Joe.

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