Parker Gets Nod From El Prez

Mayor Annise Parker closed out her endorsement announcements today with a biggie–President Barack Obama. President Obama recently named Mayor Parker to his task force on climate change resiliency and adaptation. Today, he had this to say about our Mayor:

“Under Mayor Annise Parker’s leadership, Houstonians have come together to lift their city out of the recession and today, Houston is at the forefront of moving America’s economy forward,” said President Obama.

“Mayor Parker understands that her most important job is to make Houston an even better place to live, work and raise a family. That’s why she has advanced innovative programs that are helping to create middle-class jobs, sustain small businesses, build stronger, safer neighborhoods and help prepare our kids for the future,” continued the President. “I’m proud to support Mayor Annise Parker.”

Remember, on Tuesday, November 5th, you vote at your neighborhood polling location. Find yours by clicking here. And if you need help deciding, check out my DC endorsements here.

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