How Will I Vote In At-Large 3?

Those of us on the liberal side of things are finding ourselves a bit bewildered at the thought of having to choose between Kubosh and Morales for At-Large 3.

Already, I’ve been a part of some Facebook and e-mail discussions about which is the lesser of two evils. Frankly, I don’t know. Some say Kubosh because he may not be as right-wing as Morales. Others say Morales because they don’t expect him to be as hardcore an attacker on the Annise Parker administration, and perhaps, he’d be easier to beat in two years.

Well, I’ve never been much of a fan of either, although I guess I was on the same side as Kubosh on the red-light camera thing, but not for the same reasons. Morales, on the other hand, has said some pretty harsh things about immigrants (compared them to Al Qaeda in 2005), but some say he’s softened–whatever that means. I usually don’t forgive that type of thing, especially if it’s all about earning a Tea Party vote.

In my usual tongue in cheek fashion, I have suggested promoting an “undervote” campaign:  Show up, vote in the other races and skip this one. Make the undervote so high they would be rendered irrelevant. Sure, I’m just grasping here, but it’s something with which to make some sort of statement.

The bottom line is that both need to be held under a hot light and questioned about issues toward which progressives gravitate. Let’s not give either the chance to skate by just for any simplistic reason. Perhaps I’m asking too much of my fellow lib-labs. At this point, I choose to ask some pretty tough questions of both candidates.

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