Thoughts on Viernes…11082013

Run, Leticia, Run!

I will echo Kuff’s sentiment. The SA Annie’s List event had me quite excited with the hopes that something would be announced there. That said, it seems LVDP is going to be in El Paso today and has been in other parts of the state this week. So, if these aren’t test balloons, I don’t know what they could be. So, yes, Run, Leticia!

The Thing About the Dome

The NO vote on the dome bond was just that:  A No vote on a bond vote. So, there is talk about somehow saving the dome. And that’s fine by be. The deciding factor, though, will be costs/debt and the possible return on investment–whether monetary or social. Kuff has more on the subject. The people need to decide, and the results of a bond election on a specific plan does not mean the people want it torn down, necessarily. There’s a good idea out there somewhere, but people need to demand it. But if you’re like the dude that was interviewed on KHOU the morning after the election who wanted to save the dome, then stated he hadn’t voted, well, then stop complaining.

Know How To Act

There’s a run-off folks to fill seats on the Houston City Council  and the Houston Community College board. While I enjoy telling folks to get engaged, there’s no doubt that engagement needs to begin with the candidates. Nothing annoys me more than a candidate who looks at you, but doesn’t ask for your vote. This happened a lot in 2013–I got it from the same candidate. Don’t assume because I’m Hispanic that I’ll necessarily vote for the Hispanic candidate or some other silliness. Sometimes a handshake and a conversation can switch a vote. Likewise, if you go to an event, don’t only seek out the “popular” folks–the electeds. Their support will only take you so far. People–regular people–still enjoy a conversation, if you can actually have one. All the connections in the world, and all the money in the world, will not get you elected. There were a couple of examples of this in 2013. I guess what I’m trying to say:  Being human takes you a long way.

Video Break:  President Lyndon Baines Johnson Speech on the Higher Education Act of 1965. Signed at SWT on this date.




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