The Texas-Wide Filings

donkey-beats-up-elephantI went over the Harris County filings in my last post, so, now it’s time to talk about the Texas filings. It looks like we can have a strong slate, and it also looks like we’ll need to learn a little bit about candidates in other races.

Governor – Wendy Davis, Ray Madrigal:  This one is a no-brainer with Wendy Davis already putting in the sweat and work on the job and on the trail. Still, one has to wonder why the guy threw his hat in the ring if he has no resources or ability to take a campaign across the state. I’ll stick with Wendy on this one.

Lt. Governor – Thankfully, no opponent for Leticia Van de Putte, although a name from the past was floating around. Van de Putte wow’d a crowd in SA, and I’m looking forward to her wowing some crowds around the state–at rallies. The people need to hear the message.

Attorney General – Sam Houston. Some say the name will help, but, he’s also a good candidate who will put in the work.

Land Commissioner – John F. Cook. Cook may end up against “little brown one,” who’s neither pro-brown, or pro-anything. “P” has already been made the de facto right-wing brown voice and is being paraded around touting anti-woman policies, which have nothing to do with the General Land Commission. As the former Mayor of El Paso, John Cook has a track record of managing a government effectively.

Texas Railroad Commission – Steve Brown, Dale Henry. I’m with Steve Brown on this one, as I’ve stated previously.

State Comptroller – Mike Collier. I have yet to meet him, but I like what he’s put out there, thus far. My friends at Kingwood Area Dems hosted him a couple of months ago, and a friend of mine is personal friends with him, so, what’s there not to like, right?

U.S. Senate – Maxey Scherr, David Alameel, Harry Kim, Michael Fjetland, and Kesha Rogers. Scherr is already on the road and has pretty much everything that looks like a campaign, especially a good message. Anything that counters the Ted Cruz message, which now all of the GOP candidates for Senate will attempt to scream the loudest at Teaper meetings, is good for Texas.

Agricultural Commissioner – Jim Hogan, Kinky Friedman, Hugh Asa Fitzsimmons. I have knowledge of one person on this list, and I can’t say he’s my fave. But I’m pretty sure Tex-Mex Legend Little Joe will support him, much like he did when he ran for Gov–they’re music industry buds–I guess. I guess we have much to learn about the other guys.

Other Filings

1st Court of Appeals – Jim Sharp filed for re-election and he is unopposed in the Primary.

14th Court of Appeals – District Judge Kyle Carter of Houston filed for Chief Justice.

Congress District 23 – Good to see that Pete Gallego is unopposed in the Primary, but he will need to deal with his last opponent, right-wing extremist Canseco. Gallego has served well, and my family and friends who live in the district really like him.

Texpatriate has more on the missed filing opportunities and other stuff.

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