HCC Ends the Wilson Thing

The Chron is reporting that Houston Community College has cleared the way for the local bigot, yet, winner of the HCC District 2 race, to take his seat at the first board meeting of the term. How does this affect the County Attorney Vince Ryan’s lawsuit to keep Wilson from taking office? (Shrugs)

The college’s legal team decided that there is no current barrier to him taking office.

“Right now, Mr. Wilson has been elected and has taken an oath of office and there is no prohibition from any court that would prevent him from taking his seat, so – from the perspective of Houston Community College – there is no legal basis at this time to deny him the opportunity to sit as a trustee,” HCC special counsel Gene Locke said on Tuesday.

I can’t say I expected much to happen regarding the residency issue; that’s if anything continues at that end. Nothing really ever happens in the courts regarding residency–and I was starting to wonder if anything could happen even  as obvious as the residency violation may be, as in the case of Dave Wilson’s warehouse-slash-showerless bedroom. Obviously, the legislature needs to write some detailed rules about this, but they won’t.

Of course, this takes nothing away from the way Wilson won in a heavily black district. He lied to voters, or at the very least was a bit disingenuous with his supposed blackness. Or whiteness, as the case may be. One thing is for sure, half of the folks that voted didn’t like the incumbent or were looking to replace him. I just wish voters would learn more about whom they were giving their vote.

Update:  Kuff has a recap of the legal events.

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