Thoughts on Viernes…01242014

The Big Freeze

I was lucky that I didn’t have to hit the freeways today; the thing is, dangerous roads or not, there’ve been some loco drivers these last couple of wet days. People seem to be in too much of a hurry–or maybe they’re just running late? Anyway, stay safe out there. Some folks may laugh at us, but we don’t live in a 24-hour-a-day frozen hell, either. So, cut us some freakin’ slack, Norteños!

Tweet of the Week – Mayor Julian Castro

Tu dile, Julian! Dan Patrick and his buddies running in the Tea Party have been going ape-shit against Latinos and immigrants lately in the run-up to the Republican Primary and Mayor Castro called him out, to which Patrick responded with a challenge of a debate on immigration.

Expect some usual common sense from Mayor Castro and the usual pendejadas from Patrick. I don’t think it will lend much to the overall debate in DC, but it will solidify the Texas Republican Party line on anti-Latino hate, and, thus, put to bed any significant attempts at Latino outreach. (Not that any was really expected given the Republican planks on public education, higher education, health care, economy/jobs, etc.)

Music Break ~ Flaco Jimenez/Max Baca – Me Voy Lejos (Legends and Legacies)



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