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Texas Media Loses It?

Apparently, members of the Texas media aren’t too happy that they weren’t allowed into a “local” Democratic Party fundraiser in Austin which featured State Senator Wendy Davis as the speaker. I’ve been to plenty of fundraisers in my long involvement in stuff and I’ve never seen media at one. Sure, it’s Wendy Davis, but she’ll be making plenty of appearances from here on out. As a blogger, I didn’t mind the Texas Tribune featuring the video feed on their site. It’s not as if the Texas media asked a lot of questions of Greg Abbott after he and his supporters unleashed some pretty nasty, sexist, and even misogynistic commentary about Wendy Davis. All Senator Davis was doing at this speech was giving her side of the story and a defense. Why does the media want to ask questions, now?

Anyway, as I mentioned in this week’s podcast with Rey Guerra, I think the Texas media is looking for a fresh story since the career of Rick Perry is basically done and no one seems to care about that pot supportin’ guv.

In case the media still missed it, here’s the youtube.

Texpatriate expands on it. And McBlogger nails it.

Repubican Amensty Princibals*

*I spelled it as it would appear on a Tea Party protest sign.

Anyway, did you catch Boehner’s principles on immigration reform? Even after 2,000,000 Obama deportations, the GOP seems to think it’s not enough. They won’t be happy until 50,000,000 Latinos are deported–“no matter if their citizens.” But it seems what made Ted Cruz’s tanga pop is the term, “no special pathway” to citizenship. Why? Because that would mean they’d get to “the back of the line” and still be able to become citizens…eventually…maybe. But even the distant possibility of citizenship is driving the far right crazy.

And while some of my friends who have been willing to accept anything less than citizenship, the bottom line is that the principles call for no “deportation relief.” If anything, “zero tolerance” of unauthorized migration is clearly specified in the blueprint. But they do dangle a carrot for DREAMers, which includes a path to citizenship. Of course, nothing happens without, wait for it, “triggers.”

As most of the pro-migrant groups are saying, “it’s not an actual bill.” But it is pretty obvious that the Republicans have moved backwards from an already awful Senate Bill 744. That said, right-wingers led by Ted Cruz are already saying NO to anything. Middle of the roaders are saying, “not this year.” And Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are saying, “special path to citizenship or nothing.”

It’ll make for great campaign rhetoric, especially in the race for Lt.Governor here in Texas and other Republican primary races. And Democrats will once again have a direction in which to point fingers in November. But it seems that that will be about it. No idea if it actually means votes for either side.

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