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Early Voting Is Done!

A whopping (as early voting goes) 5,657 Harris County Democratic voters showed up to early vote today–the last day. Along with mail ballots that have already been returned, over 30,000 Democrats have voted, thus far.

To compare, back in 2010, over 40,000 early and mail ballots were cast, leaving another 60,000+ to vote on Primary Day. So, Dems are lagging a bit, if the numbers I see in the archives are correct. Some blame it on fewer contested races than 2010, others blame it on the fact that no one seems to really be campaigning, unless you’re a lawyer trying to buy a judge. I’ll go with all of those reasons. Let’s hope we get un chingo on Tuesday.


Just another reminder to vote for Julia Maldonado for the 246th Family District Court. Julia’s gotten the nod from the hardest-working Dem clubs around the county, the Labor nod, fellow lawyers, and even the Chron. Early on, she also go the nod from two of my favorites, State Rep. Garnet Coleman and State Senator Sylvia R. Garcia. So, spread the word. Heck, print out this virtual push card or share it online. If chosen by Democrats, Julia will be one of only two Latinas running for a District Court. Let’s spread the word about Julia!

And Vote Steven Kirkland for the 113th

 Steven Kirkland is a proven jurist with a love  for the diverse community that is Houston. Kirkland has been an excellent campaigner, taking his campaign to all segments of the Democratic Party, unlike his opponent who has sent targeted mailers to one or two groups. Kirkland will represent all of Harris County–much like he always has. So, vote for Steve Kirkland.

As I mentioned, there’s a lawyer trying to buy a judge, and that prospective judge is Lori Gray, Kirkland’s opponent. Call it negative campaigning, but I call it pre-judging people with doctored evidence. Which means Gray is a bad lawyer and would be a bad judge. VOTE KIRKLAND!

Or, I’ll just let Mayor Annise Parker say it:

And The Rest…

And if you need to know who I am picking, go to my last Viernes post.

MUSICA BREAK – Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca – Me Voy Lejos (Legends and Legacies) – The DC Review Comes Out This Weekend!

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