Thoughts on Viernes…03072014

Wendy Davis at the Trib

wendyThe Texas Trib had a good episode of TribLive this week, featuring Democrat for Texas Governor Wendy Davis. Among other things, Davis talks about her defense of a woman’s right to choose and the all-important border vote. I agree with Davis and know she will take South Texas handily since it is solidly Democratic and because the alternative, Greg Abbott, is a hate-monger who will be bogged down by Dan Patrick’s mouth (my opinion). Give it a listen.

The HISD School Closing Situation

Like any good liberal should not be, I was not happy with the proposal to shut down some schools. But given the argument that enrollment had decreased and that HISDs freedom to transfer schools seemed to have hit some of these schools, I was at least willing to listen. After much debate and, I’m sure, lobbying by parents and advocates, HISD Board Prez Juliet Stipeche took off the three elementary schools from the closure list, opting to give them an extended chance to grow. On the other hand, it seems like two others are still on the closure list. So, the Board has an opportunity to split the difference. Bottom line:  demographic and population shifts happen, and tough decisions need to be made. I don’t envy the Board, especially those who truly support public education–unlike my own board member whose campaigns are paid by charter school interests. Anyway, the Board will decide next week where all of this is going. I do agree with Trustee Wanda Adams that the board needs to solidify this whole local school choice thing.

Dime Con Quien Andas…

There’s been a lot of uproar over Venezuela lately, but I didn’t fall for it. It’s easy to fall for students protesting and fake photos, but in any movement, one must ask:  Who’s really in charge? Who’s funding it? And what is the real intent? I take this approach even with the latest “pro-migrant” evangelical movement because one doesn’t know what the real intent of things are nowadays. Perhaps I’m cynical, or perhaps I just want to stay true to my leftist beliefs. Or perhaps I’m true to governments truly elected by the people–poor ones included. I’m glad Danny Glover gets it. And my friend Roberto Lovato, too.

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