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Yes, it’s that time again for another meeting. As I stated last night, President Obama called for a review by DHS to find out how he can more humanely deport people. A whole bunch of people “liked” it when I shared it on Facebook. But as I stated, he still wants to deport, and he sure isn’t stopping deportations during this review. In today’s meeting with the same groups as always, Ali Noorani from one of the invited immigrant groups called it a stopgap, but he doesn’t seem to know the definition of the term:  a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need. Obama just wants more of the same, but with feather-lined handcuffs.

So, who got to go to the meeting? The NCLR leader who called him “deporter-in-chief” was there, but not the pro-migrant groups who have been calling for an end to deportation and a sensible immigration reform. What is up with that? Well, like I stated in the other post I did this week, I’m not taking seriously the sudden “insults” from people who have done Obama’s bidding this whole time, and today’s meeting proved my assertion.

To School or Not To School

That was the question before the HISD School Board yesterday in what was a heated meeting in which school closures was the topic. Ultimately, Jones HS will be converted into a “futures” academy and Dodson ES will be closed. What’s a futures academy? Click here to find out. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but it’s really for kids who are decided on a career track. A kid graduates on the high school curriculum, and by the end of summer of his/her graduation, they earn an AAS degree from HCC. My worry is about transferability of courses into four-year degrees that aren’t necessarily in this original career track. Because kids do change their minds. Considering that most HISD students qualify for some sort of financial aid and Texas Republicans are intent on cutting financial aid (or imposing time limits to graduation), well, you see my concern.

Music Break ~ Max Abrams (f/ Raul Malo) In My Solitude

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