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A Good Week for Senator Wendy Davis

Whether it was Greg Abbott’s surrogates or the fact that Greg Abbott is among the biggest violators of “equal pay” for women in his own office, Wendy Davis wins the argument, hands down. And it’s an argument that has legs because the bottom line is that women make less than men on the average–and there really isn’t a good reason as to why. Now, comparisons will immediately move toward high-level jobs, but the disparity is quite obvious when it comes to low-to-medium wage jobs, which is why so many Americans believe an increase in the minimum wage would provide for more equity in pay.

Obviously, there’s an opening there on which direction Democrats can continue this conversation–and on which Republicans can attack the poor.

I guess what I’m saying is:  If you want regular folks who we need to show up to the polls to be a part of this conversation, then let’s get to challenges they face. And let’s avoid getting bogged down with state agency comparisons.

Intocable on NPR

I’m never surprised when I see a supergroup like Intocable on Spanish-language TV, but let me tell you I was quite surprised to hear them on NPR today. The seven-minute interview by Steve Inkeep doesn’t tell their whole story, but it does show an appreciation for the boys from Zapata, TX who had to have a plate sale to raise money for their first studio recording almost twenty years ago. Since then, they’ve broken attendance records at major American and Latin American arenas,  and have even had sell-out crowds in Nashville, Kentucky, Atlanta, and other surprising places. These records may show their influence, but it also shows how demographics have changed across the country.

One of my favorite things about Intocable is that they took a stand on immigration reform, recording a tune with Ricardo Arjona. A couple of years ago, lead vocalist Ricky Muñoz even did an homage to Cesar Chavez with other artists.

Sign The Petition:  Include Mexican American Studies in Curriculum

My friends from Librotraficante are in the midst of pushing the State Board of Education and their Chair Barbara Cargill to vote to include Mexican American Studies in the state’s curriculum. Sign the petition today to send a strong message to the SBOE. SBOE meets on April 9, so, stay tuned for information on upcoming actions and events.

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