Deportation Realities: Acquitted Dad Set to Surrender to ICE

UPDATE FROM FIEL:  Mr Moreno was granted a thirty day stay while they make a decision in his case! He was not detained though! Your signatures work SEE! We will update you all as the case moves along stay tuned!!! THANK YOU!

Guillermo Moreno has lived in the United States for over twenty years. Though undocumented, he has been his family’s breadwinner providing for two citizen children and one DACA beneficiary child. He is also a new granddad. In 2008, though, his quiet life in America began to crumble.

In 2008, he was arrested under suspicion of DWI. Although found not guilty of the charges, the wheels of the current deportation machine had already started to turn. ICE determined Guillermo did not qualify for immediate relief and ordered his deportation.

Local immigrant advocacy organization, FIEL, started a petition in support of Guillermo and his family.

Guillermo is not a threat to national security since he has not committed any violent offenses.  We are calling on ICE to grant him a stay of deportation to let him stay in the country and take care of his family  We have launched an online petition on his behalf and are preparing with his legal team to interject to stop his deportation.

Deporting this head of a family will take a psychological and economic toll on the family. Moreover, it just seems like the wrong thing to do considering President Obama and ICE have explicitly stated that their deportation policies target criminals. In the case of Guillermo Moreno, even a court of law has determined he was not guilty, yet, the only reason he is in this predicament is because of unfair immigration regulations which are unevenly enforced.

Guillermo will be turning himself into ICE (126 Northpoint, 77060) at 9AM on Tuesday, March 25, and FIEL, his family, community leaders and advocates will be there to provide support to his family.

Sign the petition–send a message to ICE. Stop this deportation!

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