Thoughts on Viernes…03282014

United We Dream Visits the Democrats

A national pro-migrant youth group called United We Dream visited Democratic Party HQ offices around the country today, including the local office at 1445. The purpose was to tell Dem Party leaders (local ones, too) that they must lead and demand that President Obama halt deportations and provide relief to families who have been left to suffer under the Obama Administrations deportation policies.

United We Dream leaders are gathered in Houston for a movement building training to launch it’s #WeCantWait campaign, created to address the most pressing and most painful issue facing the undocumented community: deportations. Under President Obama, we’ve lost 2 million mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to an enforcement system created only to tear our families apart, and now we’re saying that we can’t wait.

Can you blame them? These young people are asking for an audience, but, unfortunately, doors have been closed to them–even the doors to the negotiation room with the President. Some coffee, pan dulce, and a conversation wouldn’t really hurt.

In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

…Latinos have much to be upset about, given what recently occurred in Hempstead. Small town, but close enough to home. When people entrusted to ensure positive outcomes for students–all students–make up their own rules, well, do you really want to question why leaders of all political stripes are being questioned by activists? Again, communication is important–even from allies.

Cesar Chavez at the Movies

Go check out the flick this weekend! You’ll thank me. Republicans will avoid it, but I’m hoping Democrats support it a lot more. My review here.

Music Break – Little Joe y La Familia – Viva Cesar Chavez!



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