Thoughts on Viernes…04272014 (Domingo Edition)

Excellent Op-Ed by TMF

DC-Friend State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer offers a great editorial in the Chron regarding the Latino Vote. He gets it–and it’s something I’ve been saying for, what, nine years since DC began? Anyway:

Ironically, the active neglect that harms millions of Latino families actually helps a shrinking Republican Party stretch out its governing majority a little while longer. Because when you are hungry, sick or uneducated, your personal view on government is so negative that you won’t register to vote or refuse to vote if you are registered. Is it any wonder why 3.45 million Texas Latinos choose not to participate in voting? Would you invest in a government that has given you nothing in return?

It seems more than a coincidence that the political party that has hurt Latinos the most also has profited from their voter apathy. It almost seems as if the Texas Republican Party’s goal is to breed disillusionment at the polls in the hope that this stalls the emergence of a Latino majority in Texas.

So, when I see some liberal bloggers and activists blame a loss on “Latino apathy,” I pretty much get into “STFU” mode. Two decades of Republican rule, and a legislative style that is more about breaking apart, than bringing together, (and a Democratic Party that has been cut off at the knees in the legislature) has caused what I call voter indifference, especially in the Latino community. (Sure, they have similar meanings, but words matter.) We can blame Republicans all we want, but simply giving up our rights as Texans and Americans by shirking our responsibility to vote is not the answer. Anyway, read the op-ed.

Kingwood Area Dems Brunch a Huge Success

staceTwo statewide candidates, a couple of countywide candidates, and several more judicial candidates visited the Kingwood Country Club to break bread (and awesome blintzes) with a great group of suburban Democrats on Saturday. I was proud to serve as the Emcee, again, since I’ll always consider KAD my home away from home.

collierMike Collier, candidate for Texas Comptroller,  started it off with a rousing, matter-of-fact stump speech on the job he is seeking and how wrong the Tea Party-led Republican candidate is for the job. Collier stated that Glenn Hegar’s plan to tax the poor through a sales tax while getting rid of the property tax is dangerous. He added that he will be talking about a plan to bring fairness to the property tax system that puts homeowners and big business on equal footing when it comes to that tax burden.

samhoustonSam Houston, running for Texas Attorney General, was also well-received, citing his small West Texas-town upbringing and his love of the law. Houston wants to make the office one that serves the people, rather than political and special interests, which is what Greg Abbott has made it. Houston is an impressive candidate who, along with Collier, will have crossover appeal from thinking Republicans who just can’t stand the divisiveness of their own candidates.

candidatesAlso gracing the great crowd of Democrats were:  Melissa Noriega for County School Trustee; Judge Steven Kirkland; County School Trustee Debra Kerner; and judicial candidates:  Gloria Cantu-Minnick, George Arnold, Farrah Martinez, Chip Wells, Jim Peacock, Kathy Vossler, Kay Morgan, Shawna Reagin, and Ursula Hall. Democratic Party Chairman Lane Lewis also revved up the crowd, announcing various events and initiatives for 2014.  He also introduced a very energetic and new political director for the Party, Chris Young. Representatives for Kim Ogg for DA and 2015 Mayoral candidate Sylvester Turner were also in attendance.

menkesSpecial honorees were longtime members, Bruce and Karen Menke. They’ve spent their time with KAD always working for the greater good. Whether it was working events and organizing in Kingwood or around the County, they have been among the most committed Dems. They are moving out of the state to be close to their grandkids, so for us, it will be a huge loss, but it is their friendship that we will miss most. Good luck, Bruce and Karen!

As Democrats, we don’t get to spend too much time at a country club, so we made sure we stayed until our 1PM “kick-out” time. It was an enjoyable event, and it sure gave me a lot of energy to go do something! The Republicans are offering the worse crop of candidates in their history, and we really don’t want to find out what they will do to undo Texas.

Joe Barton’s Immigration Bill

Joe Barton, congress dude from North Texas, has an immigration bill coming up for introduction. The gist of it:  More border security (to appease his people), amnesty for “minor children” (because that’s what his people will call it), and a worker exploitation and “no citizenship, just legal” part to it. He says he likes living in a Republican state and thinks being nice to Latinos will keep it Republican.

So many questions, especially the “minor children” part. In the past, a DREAM Act has included DREAMers in their early 30s. The age limit was scaled back in 2010. This makes it sound like they will scale it back another decade or so, thus, cutting out tens of thousands more from citizenship, instead, just giving them the “legal resident” route. For some it will be enough. For most, it will not be. I know I don’t like it. Citizenship is very important, but the fear of deportation is a reality that these folks deal with all of the time. For sure, before Democrats speak up, let’s hear what Barton’s people say about it. Let them tear themselves down some more before they realize they need to pretend to play nice.

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