NALEO: Over 7.8 Latinos Will Head to Polls in 2014

LatinoVoteWell, 7.8 million (8% of the nation’s voters) certainly isn’t the 11 million which voted in 2012, but I guess it is a non-presidential year. Although Latinos make up 17% of the population, only 11% are eligible to vote.

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials released a report which included 2014 projections and the effects of voter suppression laws and court decisions. According to NALEO:

  • Nearly seven million Latinos eligible to vote residing in jurisdictions that were previously subject to preclearance pre-Shelby Co. are currently without proactive protections under the VRA.
  • VRAA legislation would restore preclearance protections to more than 4.5 million Latinos eligible to vote – nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of those covered before Shelby Co.
  • Under the VRAA, there are four states that would be required to submit changes to voting procedures for preclearance review prior to implementation. 
  • These states, which include Ga., La., Miss. and Texas, would be required to submit changes to voting procedures for preclearance for at least 10 years.
  • An additional 24 jurisdictions in 12 states could also become subject to preclearance upon passage of the VRAA; approximately 140,000 Latinos eligible to vote reside in these 24 jurisdictions.

There weren’t any projection numbers for Texas, which doing so would be very important given that we have a nationally followed Gubernatorial race and a high-profile Latina like Leticia Van de Putte running for the #2 spot. But we do know there are 4.2 eligible Latino voters, according to NALEO’s press club presentation.

Anyway, that’s where Latinos are at 6 months from Election Day.

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