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No Nos Olvides, Julian!

julianWell, President Obama made it official and stole Julian Castro from Texas and San Antonio. Either that, or he just made his future–political and otherwise. No doubt Castro will run the place well. Frankly, I’m sorta glad President Obama finally has a Mexican American in his cabinet–ya era tiempo! Anyway, no one is sure if this is a step-up toward Clinton-Castro or toward a secure financial future after his service to America. Bottom line:  It’s good for the Secretary-Designate.

Still, I’m curious as to how Republicans will react. Will the rest play nice and allow their rabidly negative nelly Cruz to be their mouthpiece? We saw how that worked during the shut-down. Best to just confirm him and let him do his job.

The Bigots and Their Religion

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the local bigots using “religious freedom” as their basis to oppose the Equal Rights Ordinance. They want the right to hate and discriminate–plain and simple. Which reminds me, the KKK is also a “Christian” organization. There–I said it!


Abortion Art

Next time the Republicans want to cut National Endowment for the Arts funding while poking fun at some of the artists who get funding, let’s remind them that they have proclaimed the photoshopper of those awful Wendy Davis posters an “artist.” And they paid the guy, too. Que pendejadas!

Music Break:  In honor of Secretary-Designate Julian Castro, here’s the Chicano National Anthem–Las Nubes by Little Joe, Johnny y La Familia


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