Thoughts on Viernes (Birthday Edition) 06062014


Well, I made it to another year. As I stated on FB, a couple of bad knees, but at least I have most of my hair (for now). For those who want to “honor” me in some small way on my day, make a donation to The Walk for Mental Health Awareness-Houston. My friend, Patrick McIlvain, has done an amazing job with this event and fundraiser and the event deserves all of the support it can muster.

If you prefer to make political donations, then give all you can to Leticia Van de Putte for Lt. Governor! Or…give to both!

Thank you!

Breitbart on Our Side? Hardly!

With all the stuff going on regarding Bergdahl, it might have been hard to notice that right-wing website Breitbart “leaked” some photos from inside of an immigrant warehousing facility. No, that doesn’t mean they are on the side of immigration reform. They’re just making a case for border militarization and more human warehouses. One thing is for sure, the vast majority of these warehoused folks come to the US to either work or reunite with family. Moreover, most of the economic conditions in some of the countries from where these folks come have been caused by awful trade deals, right-wing governments supported by the US, and bad immigration policies.

Earlier this week, what seemed like a bipartisan front of politicians came out against human trafficking. Well, who’s for it, right? Unfortunately, no one came out in support of fixing the immigration system, or at the very least, some immigration reform. Much like Breitbart, they were all about law enforcement and prosecutions; meaning, the bad stuff is still happening and prosecutions will not stop anyone from the human shipping industry. What about cutting the bad people–the middle men–off by supporting immigration reform?

Anyway, the photos aren’t surprising. But if you are shocked, then put more pressure on President Obama and Congress. Or…vote!

Sources:  Little Joe Rocked Discovery Green

I was unable to attend, but this pic posted by Little Joe y La Familia tells me one thing:  We need more Tejano Concerts at the Green!


Music Break:  La Mafia~ Protegere Nuestros Recuerdos (Amor y Sexo)




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