Wendy Davis Calls for Focus on Human Crisis at Border

State Senator Wendy Davis waded through the political muck and came out with a great idea:  A special legislative session that will focus on the human crisis on the border. Davis sent a letter to Rick Perry outlining various things.

Davis agreed with Rick Perry’s move to spend millions on state cops on the border which she states would help federal forces (Border Patrol) with law enforcement duties against drug and human traffickers, etc. DosCentavos does not agree with the militarization of South Texas and neither should Davis. But that the state must also do something about the human crisis.

Davis said declaring a state of emergency “will provide communities with the essential resources, supplies, emergency services and facilities they need without further delay.

Just as we help communities in the aftermath of wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters, we can and should help our border communities during this crisis.”

She said a special session is needed to hear from city and county officials and others on the challenges they face and to approve emergency spending to help local agencies.

Throwing more money at border law enforcement, though, needs to be kept under a microscope. Will it go to brand new vehicles and homeland security toys, or will it be used for humanitarian purposes? After years under Rick Perry, I fear the same ol’ waste of free money for political purposes. Which is why a special session on the matter would be useful IF (big IF) political people have the political will to ask the right questions, rather than showboat.

But I will admit, this is one of the better notions to come out of this in the last couple of weeks:  Respond to a humanitarian crisis with some humanity.

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