Thoughts On Viernes ~ 08222014

I was right!

There was an LA Times report on the fact that 5 to 10 unaccompanied minors speedily deported by the Obama administration without much or any legal representation were murdered upon arrival to their home country.

And this is why I shouted (virtually) that Democrats (including our own gubernatorial candidate) should NOT be demanding more immigration judges to speed up deportations. Well, those who wanted to score political points with the right-wing got what they wanted.

I was right! 

Remember when I mentioned I thought Democrats should stop calling for a special session to send local law enforcement money? It’s because when Rick Perry was sending the cash to them, they bought all sorts of war toys and big trucks (maybe some tactical ones, too) and we even had Democratic sheriffs supporting Rick Perry. Rick cut off the spigot in favor of the national guard, so now they went to beg the Democrat for money, if elected. Now that we’ve seen that the small community of Ferguson, MO has shown off of its arsenal, do Democrats still think it’s a good idea? Think about it.

Let’s Talk Issues!

We want more Latinos to vote, right? Well, I’m glad we’re seeing more bread and butter issues being discussed on the campaign trail because all the polling out there tells us Latinos are interested in jobs and the economy, health care, and education. Democrat for Lt. Governor, Leticia Van de Putte has made some great announcements on higher education and today on expanding medicaid. Wendy Davis talked medicaid expansion, too, this week.

Steve Brown who is running for Railroad Commissioner had a story from a visit to Eagle Pass, TX in which he talks about a coal mine which was opened despite community protests. He talks about people like Gloria who suffers from COPD and the need for a public advocate for the people. And Mike Collier running for Texas Comptroller reiterates his support for public education, compared to his opponent Tea Partier Glenn Hegar who prefers to keep cutting school funding.

74 days out, it’s time to talk real issues that matter to the people.

Music Break ~ Las Nubes – Little Joe, Johnny y La Familia


Little Joe supports La Wendy for Gov.




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