The DosCentavos Top 10 Posts of 2014



Need some reading material to ring in the New Year? Here are my Top 10 most visited posts of 2014.  Stick with me in 2015 as celebrates 10 years of giving you your Daily Dos of just about everything. Thanks for your support!

1.  DC Reviews ~ Siggno: Zodiacal

2. Harris Democrats Announce Slate, Contested Primaries

3. Wendy Davis Hits the Road to Rally Voters

4. Wendy Davis Called Out on Deportations and DPS Support

5. Pinche Ronald Reagan and Other Reactions to Cesar Chavez

6. In Texas, Latinos Just Didn’t Vote

7. Steve Brown Announces for Railroad Commissioner

8. Perez, Lopez Hit The Ground Running

9. Executive Action Fact Sheet

10. DC Reviews ~ Johnny Hernandez – Paz Mundial


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