COH At-Large 4 Becomes a Contest

Schleifer at the Chron reports that the At-Large 4 race has become a multi-candidate contest.

Laurie Robinson, Amanda Edwards and Larry Blackmon will all run for the at-large city council seat to be vacated by C.O. “Brad” Bradford, according to campaign treasurer designations filed in recent weeks.

Robinson is a management consultant, Edwards is a lawyer at a big national law firm, and Blackmon a retired educator and local activist. If one rates local races by money, then it could become quite the contest. Obviously, in a low turnout race, getting known is a lot more challenging. And, given that folks will begin to realize that AL4 is an open seat, there may be more candidates before the filing deadline.

At Large 1

Last week came the e-mail that HCC Trustee Chris Oliver joined the AL1 race. So, we have Dem Party Chair Lane Lewis, Philippe Nassif, Jenifer Pool, and a far-right winger whose claim to fame is suing the City to raise money he probably can’t raise anyway.

Now, who wants to challenge the incumbents?

AL3’s Kubosh surely needs one, even for voters like me who want a choice, rather than to leave the race blank in a show of no confidence (as if I ever had any). Through a tip, I hear At Large 5’s Christie will have a challenger, but until I get confirmation (like a report on a treasurer assignment), I’ll wait to tell the world. Still, I’d like to see a challenger in that race.

More to come, I’m sure.

Update:  Here are takes from  Brains & Eggs, Texpatriate and Off the Kuff.

Included in Noah’s take is the fact that David Robinson in AL2 will be in a rematch with Andrew Burks. Perry blows the lid off of the the Jack Christie AL5 challenge (or not) by Jan Clark. Christie is one of those still rumored to be running for Mayor.

Pretty soon, we’ll need a program. Then again, that’s what we’re here for.



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