Garcia, Others Chosen by Obama for Executive Action PR

adrianJulian Aguilar at the Trib reports that a group of Texans have been chosen by President Barack Obama to serve as the PR team to promote his executive action. Sheriff Adrian Garcia, HUD Secretary Julian Castro, construction guy Stan Marek, and Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez were on a call with Obama and his Hispanic appointee Cecilia Muñoz. Pretty soon, the next phase of DACA and the new program DAPA will have their roll-outs, as well as new deportation measures.

A bit of a reminder, Muñoz has done much of the defense of the President’s delays on immigration reform and the defense of his deportation policies. One time, she went so far as calling the 2 million, mostly non-criminal, deportees “collateral damage.”

Of course, the local Sheriff is best known for his defense of the Obama-managed deportation programs like 287(g) and Secure Communities. He had this to say:

Garcia, the Harris County sheriff, said the president’s change would actually promote law and order in his county because people would be more willing to cooperate with law enforcement efforts to fight crime.

“When there are questions and concerns that local law enforcement may become more concerned with a person’s immigration status rather than information that they have regarding cartels, human traffickers or other individuals that are interested in causing harm in our communities, like domestic or international terrorism, it impedes public safety,” he said.

Well, it sounds like the Sheriff has come around, right? Well, an article in Free Press Houston gives some analysis as to where Garcia has been and where he might be nowadays.

The President’s change includes a re-vamped deportation program which supposedly deports the worst of the worse; however, that was the intent as written of the original program. So, it is still a program that will be under the microscope, especially at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, whether Garcia is at the helm or not.

Given that there is still an imminent announcement of a Mayoral candidacy, Garcia resigning and leaving the post to a right-wing Republican who more than likely will not agree with the President’s executive action will surely put Garcia in a position to defend the President’s executive action during the Mayoral campaign. Certainly, it will also frame the position of a possible Republican appointed Sheriff for 2016.


2 responses to “Garcia, Others Chosen by Obama for Executive Action PR

  1. I thought this an odd thing for him to brag about just before he pulls the ripcord, too. Your background fills in some blanks for me, but I still don’t understand why he wants to create so many ready-made flashpoints for his (prospective) mayoral opponents.

    Just doesn’t make much political sense (unless he’s already chosen to stay in the HCSO, that is).

    • I think he’s counting on his opponents to take the bait and look bad, or to ignore the issue and still look bad. It might get him some big business republican $$$ and a few votes. If it causes a shitstorm, maybe more Latinos will come to his aid. If opponents start talking 287g/scomm, voters will get bored with the facts; and likely, they don’t know the facts nor even have a clue about how to present them without trying to find “balance” on the issue in attempt to appease both sides. When it comes to 287g/scomm, all Garcia has to say is that he was doing his job based on Federal policy blah blah blah.