Adrian Garcia Rolls Out Community Endorsements in Race for CD-29


Credit:  Garcia Campaign

Former Sheriff Adrian Garcia held a press conference at Moody Park on Monday morning to announce endorsements from members of the community who reside in Congressional District 29.

Obviously, this is a response to incumbent Gene Green’s roll-out of Latino elected officials, recently. Pointing out persistent problems in the district, while pointing to Green’s record, various community leaders spoke in support of a change–and in support of the former Sheriff.

Here’s the press release:

Houston, Texas – Several community activists and leaders endorsed Adrian Garcia for Congress today, citing the poor conditions in communities across the district, and calling for new leadership in Washington, DC.

“Gene Green should have been fired a long time ago,” said Ben Mendez, past Chair of the Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC).  “When you look at the poverty, the high drop-out rate, and the lack of economic opportunity in our district, we can only reach one conclusion.  Gene Green has stopped trying to make things better, and it’s time for new leadership.”

“I have known Adrian Garcia for more than twenty years, and have witnessed with pleasure and admiration his progressive involvement in community affairs,” said Houston Community College Board Chair Adriana Tamez.  “We have volunteered together at numerous community agencies, and when Adrian went beyond volunteerism to seek serving the community as an elected official his focus reflected his commitment to his hometown, especially the area of Houston where he was born and raised–the 29th congressional district.  Adrian’s deep roots in the district, his first-hand knowledge of the issues and needs of the district, his experience as a city and county public servant, the fresh perspective he has of the district, and his desire to give back to his own community are the perfect combination that makes Adrian Garcia the best candidate to become the next US Representative for the 29th Congressional District.   I’m voting for Adrian Garcia, and I want to encourage you to vote for him, too.”

“If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then it would be insane for us to send Gene Green back to Congress and expect conditions in our community to improve,” said Oscar Del Toro, a community activist from Pasadena. “For too long, we haven’t had a choice, but now we do.  We know Adrian, and he knows us.  I am proud to support Adrian for Congress, and we need to work night and day to make sure we don’t miss this opportunity for change.”

“Twenty-seven children were shot in Harris County last year, and we know of two accidental child shootings in the past week in Harris County,’ said Second Ward activist Jessica Hulsey.  “Gene Green voted against the Brady Bill, against child safety locks, for the assault weapons ban repeal, and for keeping the gun show loophole. We need to support Gun Safety Legislation now, so these tragedies stop.  Adrian Garcia is the best candidate to lead the fight.”

“I’m proud to have the support of advocates and activists who are on the side of the community and who spend every waking moment fighting for positive change,” said former Sheriff Adrian Garcia.  “We have real problems, which have persisted for decades.  Our district ranks as one of the worst in America when it comes to education, health care, and poverty – and each of these statistics speaks to missed opportunities and broken dreams for an entire generation of kids in our community.  Enough is enough.  We can do better, but we have to come together to get the change we need.”

“Gene Green acts like our friend in the district, but when he goes to Washington he consistently votes against us.  According to the EPA, we have the second highest risk of cancer in Texas caused by air pollution.  Gene Green takes $1.3 million from oil and chemical companies, and then votes against clean air and clean water legislation.  He has a lifetime A rating from the NRA while kids in our community are dying.  It’s outrageous.”

“Enough is enough.  We can do better, and we have to come together to get the change we need.”

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