Are Texas Latinos Splitting on Bernie-Hillary?

donkey-fightThe Texas Tribune, et. al, just released a poll which shows Hillary Clinton is on her way to winning the state of Texas, but with only a 10 point lead. Considering that in 2008 Clinton took the Latino vote over Obama 67-32, Bernie Sanders has cut Clinton’s support down to 60-37 and there’s still time to narrow that down.

According to the TT poll, Texas is starting to look like Nevada, considering that African Americans gave Clinton substantial support and the same seems to be happening here. I point to the Velasquez Institute’s explanation regarding Clinton’s narrow win in Nevada and the breakdown of the Latino “firewall.” Latinos are receptive to Bernie Sanders and hopefully getting over that Clinton mystique.

There is a definite path to narrowing Clinton’s lead with a few more days of Early Voting and March 1 just around the corner. Bernie Sanders cannot and should not give up Texas and the campaign should fight straight through to Tuesday. Perhaps a visit to Houston may help?

Stay tuned. Polls change, but ultimately, it’s the people that matter most.

Kuff has more.

3 responses to “Are Texas Latinos Splitting on Bernie-Hillary?

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  2. And if Clinton takes 60% or more of the Latino vote, will it still be ‘it’s the people that matter the most?’