Thoughts on Viernes…02092018

He Did What?

Note to all Democratic candidates:  Don’t appear on *ucker Carlson’s Fox News show. He’s a bigot, a liar, and a real asshole. And your critics will accept the premise of his bigoted questions, while you try to make a little 10 minute ad for yourself. The thing is, any candidate would probably reach more future constituents with a web-ad than appearing on the shit-fire that one steps on by appearing on *ucker Carlson.



I was asked, regarding yesterday’s voter registration post, why I didn’t say anything about electing Latino Republicans, instead just talking about Democrats. Apparently, he don’t know me very well. Seriously, though, polling of Latino voters shows heavy support for public education, access to health care, a strong economy with good jobs, and yes, a working immigration system and an end to mass deportations. So, I base my vote, including in a Dem primary, on that criteria. And I’m pretty sure most Latinos (since 65% or so end up voting for the Dem in November) do the same.

So, if you wonder why there aren’t enough Latino Republicans getting elected, ask Republican primary voters why they aren’t putting them on the November ballot. If you want to see more Latino Republicans, then vote in the Republican primary. Ultimately, though, if they (and you) support mass deportations, de-funding public schools, taking away affordable health care from brown people, and low-wage jobs for said brown people, then republatinos won’t even get Latino votes.

The DC Immigration Debate

So, no shutdown, some sort of a budget, and a debate on immigration will start next week. Some bill will be debated and members will get to add all sorts of amendments to it. It’s the amendments that worry me. Amendments are the cause of most derailments of bills. Especially immigration bills.

I expect guest worker crap, literacy exams which citizen-bigots can’t even pass, and pledges to the supreme Cheeto, and other pendejadas. We shall see.


2 responses to “Thoughts on Viernes…02092018

  1. I would like to know who this dude’s inner circle is. I thought you had a great relationship with him since you called him your pal on the subtle endorsement you gave him for standing up for DREAMers. I guess he took your vote of confidence to Fox News. I think his move eas not only stupid but extremely selfish. Using illegal immigration not only made him look dumb to that idiots audience, but sure as heck made the work done by real immigrant groups weak. All because he wanted his 15 minutes of fame. In a way I admire those idiots more who are criticizing him after being on that show than the people that he has congratulating him. I even respect you for calling him out on this post. I just hope his quest for personal power does not impact the work of our community. The segment from last night and his rapper friends rally for DREAMERS is an indication how desperate this dude is in search for power. He needs a self reevaluation of his life, friends, and goals.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m waiting for some of the other CD-7 candidates to bring David Lee Garza or Jay Perez or Little Joe to a blockwalk. 🙂 #TejanoMusic lol