Teneshia Hudspeth Announces for HC County Clerk

Teneshia Hudspeth, the current Harris County Deputy County Clerk, declared her candidacy for County Clerk this week. As Kuff reminds us, Harris County Democratic precinct chairs will choose the nominee later this summer after the resignation of Diane Trautman. Precinct chairs will also choose the nominee for HCDE Position 7, and I’ve already written about Jose Rivera who is running for that position.

Teneshia Hudspeth is a Houston-based Administrator to the third largest county in the nation, where she currently serves as Chief Deputy of the Harris County Clerk’s Office.  She is the first African American women to serve in this role. Teneshia supervises the Administrators of all departments and locations of Commissioners Court, Elections, County Civil Courts, Probate Courts, Personal Records, Real Property, Information/Records Archives, and Annex Offices in operational planning, human resources, financial, advocacy, community relations and risk management.

As a 15 year member of the Harris County Clerk’s Office, serving under three Administrations, she has held a variety of positions that have provided the breadth of knowledge necessary to serve the public well, including Administrative Aide of Public Affairs, Special Projects Coordinator, Voter Outreach Coordinator, Public Information Officer, and Administrator of Communications & Voter Outreach.  Most of her work while in the Clerk’s Office focused on providing registered voters the information, materials and assistance needed to access the voting process. In the community, she provides leadership and information on voter registration and voter turnout in Harris County, the City of Houston, and the State of Texas, and manages the African American Elections Advisory Committee for the County.

Hudspeth, who began her career in public service as a congressional intern, is active in the community through various organizations. She has also taken a lead role in helping create the next leaders in the African American community through the creation of a leadership institute.

Hudspeth was immediately endorsed by her former boss, Diane Trautman, as well as other elected officials. Among my politically active friends, she also seems to be the favorite. Personally, whenever I’ve e-mailed her office for data, she has been very responsive and helpful. I agree with Dr. Trautman that we need someone who can hit the ground running. I expect support for Hudspeth to gather quickly.

Since this particular race will be decided by the precinct chairs, it is up to us voters to contact them and tell them our preference. Don’t know your precinct chair? Head on over to this website, input your information, and find out who your precinct chair is. Some posts may be empty, so, we may need to find a different way to inform precinct chairs of our preference.

Soon:  The #StaceSlate for the 2020 Democratic Party Runoff!

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