There Are Still Two Weeks of Early Voting To Go!

The first week and weekend of early voting came to a close with over 628,000 voters casting their ballots. Of those, 553,000+ showed up to one of 122 early voting centers around the county. Needless to say, it was cause for excitement with still two more weeks to go in the early voting period.

Unsurprisingly, Greg Abbott and his minions have filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court to stop Harris County’s innovative and active drive-thru voting option, which is going on at several locations around the county. The republican’s frivolous lawsuit was already dismissed once. The thing is, it seems to be liked by people across the political spectrum. What’s wrong with making voting accessible, convenient, and secure?

This voting option provides the opportunity to vote in a secure drive-thru, free from the threat of COVID-19. Anyway, Greg Abbott and the republicans will look for all ways in which to stop you from voting. He and his minions really suck! Anyway, the option continues while we wait for a decision.

I haven’t said it enough, Chris Hollins and the folks at Harris County Clerk’s office are doing a great job, not only running the elections, but fighting back against republican voter suppression tactics.

Week two of voting is going on now. Find an early voting location and get it done early. And don’t mind the lines. You can also find your sample ballot here.

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