Grim Reminder That COVID-19 Is Still Out There

Like a few other folks from Houston (it seems), I was ecstatic after watching Culiacan, Sinaloa’s own Julio Urias strike out the last batter as the LA Dodgers won the 2020 World Series this week. But my own celebration was tamped down by the revelation that Justin Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken out of the game in the 8th inning.

How do you get COVID-19 when you’re enveloped by the professional sports bubble? And why, after Turner’s first test was inconclusive (or positive?) was he even allowed on the field, anyway? And, why, after being taken out, was he allowed on the field for the celebration and team photo? The story is he forced himself out there despite efforts to stop him.

Turner’s comment that while he tested positive, yet, that he had no symptoms and felt fine, shows the ignorance that is still rampant in America about COVID-19. You can still spread the disease when you feel fine. Feeling fine isn’t enough. You must quarantine and not get back to your daily duties until you have finally tested negative.

No doubt, most COVID-19 infections have happened because of either carelessness or irresponsible behavior. So, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that a scene of maskless (or masks pulled down) fans celebrating in LA is now making the rounds in the media. In the latest COVID Hunter vid, Dr. Joseph Varon gives us the best reason the numbers are climbing: We are stupid and not following simple steps–wearing masks, distance, wash hands.

Meanwhile, in the real world, COVID-19 is still rampant and on the rise again, especially here in Texas. Yet, schools are open, restaurants are filling up, and people continue to shirk their responsibilities by not wearing masks (or not wearing them correctly) at small and large gatherings.

But, that’s OK. We have a dismal presidential and Texas gubernatorial administration who have set the example by forcing open school, bars, businesses, and encouraging the nonchalant attitude that endangers us all.

Anyway, here’s the latest COVID Hunter video. It’s quite informative regarding mask use, the latest attempts at vaccines and therapeutics.

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